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“Lemak Sui Kari Kay” with Rice Bento

November 19th, 2008


Yesterday, I experimented with a dish I had tasted in one of my favorite Nyonya restaurants back in Penang.  The dish is called “Lemak Sui Kari Kay”, which is Hokkien for Curry Chicken cooked in coconut milk with a tinge of sourish flavor to it.  The difference between this dish and the conventional curry chicken is that “Lemak Sui Kari Kay” replaces the potatoes with chunks of pineapples.  So the result is a spicy sweet and sour curry.

Today my hubby brought a bento to work that is a Penang nyonya delicacy 🙂

I also added some furikake seasoning to the steamed rice for added flavor, and oh, a blueberry muffin for dessert.

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