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Steamed chicken with noodles bento

December 16th, 2008


Today, because I woke up late, I decided to pack a quickie bento for hubby.  I call this a quickie bento because almost all the items can be prepared and cooked at the same time:

  • Instant noodles: I boiled the noodles and while waiting for it to cook, I prepared the noodle sauce on a separate plate (soy sauce: dark and light, oyster sauce, sesame oil, dash of pepper)
  • Steamed chicken drumstick: I rubbed some salt on the chicken drumstick and let it steam in the wok till cooked.
  • Broccoli and carrots: lightly boiled in a saucepan for a few minutes.

I also threw in a container of chilli sauce for good measure.  Having basic ingredients in the fridge comes in handy when we are short of time and need to pack a quick lunch.

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