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Silicon Cups

January 3rd, 2009


I was at Daiso several days ago, and took the opportunity to grab a pack of these silicon cups. 

Initially when I started bento-ing, I figured these silicon cups were rather redundant and thought I could make do without them.  When I wanted to pack fruits or food items which I did not want to mix with the main food item in my bento, I would use those jelly moulds or baran dividers.  But I soon discovered that jelly moulds were hard and not flexible.  As for baran dividers, I couldn’t use them if I had gravy for my main entrée.  I tried using the little bento box dividers or even those that came with my Lock ‘n Lock box, but sometimes I just wanted to pack a small amount and the rigidity of the dividers did not serve the purpose well.

So I finally saw the need to get these silicon cups.  They are mouldable and I can fit them into any crevice in my bento.  The silicon cups feel kinda rubbery to the touch, and the packaging indicated the color could fade due to wear and tear.  These cups supposedly work too, if you use them for baking cupcakes in the microwave or conventional oven.  And in my opinion, they are definitely an essential addition to any bento enthusiast’s collection.


  1. January 13th, 2009 at 00:20 | #1

    I bought 2 of these silicone cups too. I’m not sure what to do with them though because I have a lock n lock box that already has dividers. Also I think I bought the wrong ones because I bought the long oval ones instead sigh…

    Bento Tigress says: Sometimes I find the partitions in the Lock n Lock box too big for my stuff, and that’s when the silicon cups come in handy. I have only used them once though. My hubby says it is hard if he wants to microwave his other stuff and he has to remove the soft silicon cup first! LOL
    As for the long oval ones you bought, well, I am sure you would be able to find something useful for them soon!

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