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Fancy Egg Moulds and a Giveaway

My little picky eater toddler loves hard-boiled eggs.  He however, prefers the egg white to the yolk.  I’m not complaining because this means he is getting SOME protein!  When I serve him the egg, I have to cut it into bite-sized pieces for him.  I have yearned for a cool egg mould for a long time now.  One in the shape of a car like this Tomica one from New Stylish Tokyo would be great.  And my son would be absolutely thrilled!

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There is an ongoing giveaway at A Pregnant Pause where New Stylish Tokyo is giving away 3 egg moulds, 1 Koi Japanese Style Curtain and 1 Anpanman Chocolate Mould.  Do check out details on this giveaway, if you are interested in these fantastic items, all imported from Japan.

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    nice egg mould, hope u win.

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