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What I did with Turkey Leftovers

December 9th, 2008

Yesterday evening, I roasted the pre-marinaded turkey breast I bought from the supermarket before Thanksgiving.  I believe it had herbs and spices, and because the instructions seemed so easy, I could not resist trying it out.  Besides, another reason I bought it was because I wanted it as a backup in case my Thanksgiving roast turkey failed.  But my roast turkey turned out okay, and I was left with this turkey breast to roast now.

Anyway, I roasted the turkey breast last night and we had it with steamed rice for dinner.  The flavors were just right and the meat was very tender, but since it was such a huge serving, we obviously had leftovers, which I refrigerated.

And so today, hubby and I had our lunch comprising turkey leftovers!  His was a double-decker turkey sandwich. 


I toasted the bread and spread some butter on one slice, and some cranberry sauce on the other.  Then I cut the turkey into pieces and mixed the meat with some mayo, added a piece of green lettuce and voila!   A delicious healthy lunch!  Cherry tomatoes were also added for fiber and color.


As for me, I didn’t feel like having a sandwich for lunch, so I made myself some instant noodles with some sliced turkey meat on the side.  I threw in an English muffin too, because I wanted to have that in between meals.

I used the double-decker Bento box I recently purchased from Mitsuwa, simply because it come with a pair of chopsticks.  I bought this box primarily for my hubby because it looks more masculine compared to the other ones I have.  Looks kinda stylish too, huh?


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Linguine with meatballs bento

November 17th, 2008

I absolutely love pasta, and I thought, what better way to combine my love for pasta and bento-ing than to create a bento with pasta?


So this is what my hubby brought to work today.  I had the same thing, but I didn’t put it in a lunchbox because I was working from home and hence I just ate it off a plate.

For some reason, I prefer linguine to spaghetti, maybe because it is slightly thicker.  I made the sauce the night before and this morning, all I had to do was to heat it up and pack it in a lunchbox.  The sauce was made with organic ground beef, chopped bombay onions and chunky bolognese style gravy which I bought from the store.  I added three gigantic turkey meatballs to the sauce for the added protein, and also, because I think pasta tastes so much better with meatballs.  So this morning, I only had to make sure the linguine was cooked al dente and that was it.

I sprinkled some Italian seasoning on the linguine, laid it on some fresh lettuce and added some seedless grapes on the side for fiber.

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