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I’m yearning for a Kids Konserve lunch kit!

March 27th, 2009

I truly apologize for the lack of posts of late.  I have been keeping myself busy with my newborn baby girl, and since my Mom has been doing most of the cooking nowadays, I have not had a decent chance to pack many bento lunches.

Nevertheless, whenever I get the chance, I still am reading about and drooling over bentos packed by other bento enthusiasts around the world.  Oh, and of course I am taking mental notes!

One of the things that I have been concerned with (and still am) about bento packing is the usage of plastic containers.  The truth is, if the container is made of polycarbonate, it’s not BPA-free, hence not that safe if you put really hot stuff in them.  One solution is to use glass containers (like Pyrex), but those aren’t really kid-friendly.

I have been toying over the idea of investing in some stainless steel containers, because I think they look very good, they are easy to clean and PLUS they are kid-friendly too.  So when I read the review of the Kids Konserve metal lunch kit over at Lunch in a Box, I knew I had to have one of these sets!… or rather I would want one of these for my kids…or even for myself!

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First of all, the kit doesn’t only look asethetically pleasing (LOVE the green against the silver!), it’s fully functional too!  I am not too intrigued by the cloth carrying bag though…it looks a little bit too flimsy from the picture, but I might change my mind when I see it.

In any case, what’s important is the kit components are BPA-free, including the green lids, and that IS saying a lot, if you’re concerned about health issues.

The whole set retails for USD40 from Kids Konserve, which I feel is quite expensive, but seeing that it is stainless steel after all, I am weighing the pros and cons of getting one.  Meanwhile I am hoping and praying that I will win the set from the giveaway run by Lunch in a Box right now.  That would absolutely solve my problem, wouldn’t you think so?

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Mickey Mouse Bento Boxes

November 25th, 2008

Right now there is no need for me to pack bentos for my son yet, but in future, if I do need to, I’ll probably have to invest in some cute bento boxes themed for kids.


My son is currently very into Mickey Mouse, and so when I saw this set of three bento boxes on sale at the Disney store in the mall, I simply couldn’t resist getting them.  The signage said it was on offer at USD4, and I thought it was USD4 per lunch box, making it a total of USD12 per set.  The store had an additional 25% discount that day, so I figured it was still a good bargain.

However, when the cashier rang up the total, I found out it was USD4 for the entire set, PLUS the additional 25% discount.  What a great bargain it was!

Now I use the boxes to store crackers and snacks when we go for outings, and my son is none the happier.

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